Types of Stage Curtains and Theatres

Stage Curtains and Theatres

Stage Curtains and TheatresThrough these stage curtains, an angle is provided to the spectators, which is made unified according to the event taking place during the theatrical performance. The wide variety of stage curtainssheer curtains also consequently help in the formation of such angles, is discussed in this article.

Proscenium Arch

It would be a mistake to think that theatre is something which would come into existence in the 21st century. People before us were fonder of art than us and due to which the art still lives among us. From Plautus to William Shakespeare, since then their work is still an example for the mode of inspiration.

As theatre was introduced several years ago, Proscenium theater was the most common at that time. Proscenium arch is the ancient construction for the largest arena. They were of great importance regarding the theatrical performances, as a result the actors visible for the audience from all the angles.

Stage Curtains and Theatres

Proscenium stages were designed in such way that, it was clearly visible to all the spectators for a unified angle. The proscenium arch is like a window. It allows using the equipment for the better execution of scene in theatrical performance, giving the concept of the fourth wall. This concept is still used in Thrust stage that projects out of the proscenium arch and reach out to the audience.

Proscenium stages were the initiations for using effects during theatrical performances using ingenious machinery. Thus it was the origin of the use of backstage personnel.

Cyclorama Theatre                                                                         

With the passage of time, the love for art increased and people with a passion for arts started using their mind. They kept thinking of different ways to execute their art. They discovered the possibilities which would turn out to be the technology of the future. The more love for arts, the more innovative ways they discovered rather than sticking to old concepts.

The advance in technology and friendship between arts and science helped to bring out the medium and types of machinery out to the world. Consequently, the dreamers could display their dreams with more convincing pigmentations. This brought up the idea of cyclorama theatre.

The cyclorama theatre and cyclorama curtain were introduced in the 20th century. It is commonly known for illustrating the open sky to the audience. The theatre is designed in such way that it gives the illusion of near objects as distant one. The third-dimensional effect in this theatre is given by the concave side walls joining the background.

The aura of space and sky is entrenched through the texture of the cyclorama background and side walls which are made of a rough surface. It helps in the diffusion of light reflection. It is like the canvas for theatre artist to paint their dreams they want. They transfuse their act along with it to more believable for the audience. The wall is painted white or sky blue. Hence it helps in the illumination of different colors regarding the requirement of the theatrical performance.

Stage Curtains and Theatres


Stage curtains have wide variety regarding their design and fabric. In addition, sheer curtains are also being used. It depends on the nature of theatrical performance that what kind of fabric should be used. What design should be used to give the perfect pigmentation to the certain scenario?

In the case of selecting the perfect fabric, velour is preferable by the people of theatre. This fabric gives a lush look to the stage furthermore, its texture is soft which is enacted from the pile knit texture.

Stage Curtains and Theatres

Reading to the description about a fabric which is soft to touch gives us the image of velvet fabric at an instant. Velour and velvet are quite different from each other. Though they both have soft texture what makes them different is that velour is created through pile knit whereas velvet is a pile weave fabric. Velvet fabric is delicate as compare to velour and used to light nature of activities.

Velour stage curtains give glamorous look to a place whether it is small or huge in size. They can be used for many purposes;

  • Professional looking stage curtains.
  • Acoustical sound absorption.
  • Pole and drape applications.
  • Mid-sized main settings.
  • Cyclorama .
  • Theater backdrops.
  • Stage borders.
  • Stage Skirting.
  • Upholstery.
Velour fabric can be of two types;
  • Cotton.
  • Polyester.

Cotton velour is preferred over polyester velour as its absorbent factor is more than that of the polyester fabric.

Different Types of Stage curtains                                             

When it comes to buying stage curtains, one would be not so sure about what kind of fabric they should buy?  While Some people are not even familiar with the terminologies used for the different types of stage curtains. There is quite a large number of different theatre drapery moved on curtain tracks which are used for the execution of theatrical performances.

These all types should be kept in mind while setting up a theatre for performing purposes. Much as these stage curtains are required to hide the machinery. The types of equipment used to give special effects to the performance also matter. It may be light for clear visibility of the act obstacles to demonstrate different scenarios.

  • The most noteworthy of all is ‘grand drape’ which is to hide the stage, before and after or even during the intermissions of the theatrical performance. Whereas ‘grand valance’ this is made from the same material as that of the grand drape. It may also be referred as a grand teaser.
  • Along with these types of stage curtains, ‘’travelers’ are the ones which help in the bi-parting of curtains. This can be done automatically or manually. In both ways, they are effectively inexpensive.
  • Borders are the types which cover the upper line of the stage, hiding the fourth wall from the audience. It hides all the lights and ropes holding the obstacles, used during the theatrical performance. It uses curtain track. 
  • ‘Backdrops’ are made of muslin fabric and they are hanged to the rear of the stage. The muslin helps in painting the backdrops with sceneries according to the nature of the theatrical performance.
  • ‘Legs’ are the side curtains; move on curtain tracks parallel to the grand drapes. They are made from velour fabric, which is more light absorbent.
  Stage Curtains and Theatres

Fire Resistors                                                                                       

The person buying stage curtains for theatres must always keep this in mind, the curtains should be fire retardant fabric. It helps in slowing down the fire caught by the fabric or stops it from spreading.  This is achieved by the chemical reactions posed by the chemicals included in the fire retardants. Thus It slows down the inflammability of fuels or postpones their combustion.

Stage curtains should always contain retardant fabric as different types of theatrical performances is being performed. They probably involve firearms or other mediums to cause a fire. Most noteworthy, the theatre crew must always keep this in mind that the fabric they buy must have the fire-resistant characteristics in it.

The question arises here that what kind of fire retardant must be used. It solely depends on the usage of the theatre where these curtains would be hanged. An opera theatre probably might have fewer chances for the stage curtains catching fire flame whereas dramatics’ theatre might have more chances. As dramatics’ theatre has different kind of performances, which might involve playing with the fire flame.

Therefore, fire resistors have different kinds such as flame retardant or inherently flame retardant. The flame retardants have more option regarding their variety. Fire retardants are dissolved in water and later sprayed on the fabric. So If the fabric is being washed the retardant vanishes. This is' not the case with inherently flame retardant. Most of all, their effect does not vanish and they last longer.

Seems like, these are the types of theatres and stage curtains which help us to witness the dreams of different dreamers in real life. For more related articles please visit Sheer curtains' site.

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