Replacing Closet Doors with Closet Curtains

For the closet in your bedroom you could have instead of closet doors. They hide everything inside just as well. Closet curtains are easier to operate and give the bedroom a cozy look. You have to combine two things: looks and functionality when you choose the design for a closet. Closet could be for your kid’s room, bedroom or for the dressing room. But what is about the look? It basically all depends on the design and type you choose for the closet doors. So what options are there? Closet curtains for closets This article will be beneficial for remodeling home. Give your bedroom a whole new look with brilliant range of closet . I hope replacing closet door with closet curtains can give you ideas to designing, decorating and remodeling your home. If you have a small, awkward closet in your fairly small bedroom and want to replace the closet door with closet curtains. Actually it’s a pretty good idea.  And if you have ever done this, can you tell me how you handled it? For instance, what type of curtain rod did you use?

Closet Doors VS Closet Curtains

Closets are used to have large sliding doors. Sometimes they look ugly. They also only let you see one side of the closet at a time. Removing closet doors will make the closet open and it will make the room look cluttered and full. You need a way to close off the closet without causing problems, something cheap and easy too. Closet curtains are the perfect solution. They add a nice texture to the room, and make the room look a little bigger. You can easily get into your closet and easily close it up again. Either way, it looks nice.

Replace Closet Doors with Closet Curtains out of sheets

After researching the price of curtains and realizing that I need to hem them anyway, I decided to make my own out of twin flat sheets. Twin sheets were the perfect width and the already-hemmed edges made sewing the curtains a snap. It was as simple as sewing a casing for the rod, hemming, and adding a bit of jumbo ric-rac to make them pretty. I purchased white shower curtain rods to hang them. For those interested, here is a quick tutorial for making closet curtains out of bed sheets.


  • Power drill with a very small drill bit
  • Screwdriver
  • 3/4″ aluminum rod
  • 2 flat twin-size bed-sheets in your chosen color.
  • 2 packages of ring clips
  • Pair of spring clip brackets
 1: Measure the opening of your closet.  Add 12 inches.  Then cut the pipe using a pipe cutter or saw.  2:  Take a bracket and hold it on the wall in line with the vertical trim of the doorway, and so that it is as close to the ceiling as possible while still allowing room for your drill.  Mark the holes of the bracket with a pencil and measure their location. Repeat the marking process on the other side. 3: Pre-drill.  4: Change out the bit on your drill to a phillips and drill the screws into place. 5: Put one end of the rod into its bracket.  Move to the other side but before putting that end into its bracket, put all your ring clips onto the rod except for 2 of them. The remaining two ring clips go on the ends of the rod–this will keep the end of the curtain anchored, hidden behind the trim even as you move it back and forth, if you know what I mean.  6: Attach the clips to the curtain (sheet) at even intervals. Ring clip for closet curtains like this on the outside outside look perfect closet curtains Closet curtains are close

How to hang closet curtains instead of doors

Closet curtains are fast, decorative solution to closet curtains. They effectively hide a closet. Hang the curtain with drapery hardware outside the door frame for a sturdy, permanent installation. If you live in an apartment or rent  home, you can avoid making holes in the wall or door frame by using a tension rod. The video below will help you in in hanging closet curtains. What do you think about this modification?  Love it, hate it, or indifferent?
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