Closet Curtains: Closet Door to Curtain Transformation

Replace Closet Door With Attractive Closet Curtains Replacing broken, outdated or unattractive with closet curtains can be a stylish, easy and affordable solution. This transformation is perfect for master or kids bedrooms, or home offices. There are many options for closet curtains designs. such options can be customized to be a perfect fit for home, family and lifestyle. If you have sliding doors, simply install the closet curtains with tension rods or dowels in the tracks or on the wall. Custom cornice boards add an elegant touch in a bedroom. A vibrant color on the closet's back wall can also add to the decor. Replace closet doors with closet in children's rooms. Closet curtains provide access to the closet's contents without endangering little fingers. Add a chest of drawers with cubbies next to the hanging clothes for a cute design splash.

Closet Tension Rod

tension-curtain-rods Few things are as versatile as the humble tension rod. Tension rods are cheap and totally removable.such rods are great for those awkward areas where nothing else fits. Closet tension rods don't do any damage to walls, closets or cabinets. Some of their uses are obvious to which you are already familiar. You can use tension rods for temporary or permanent window treatments for hanging closet curtains. Put tension rods on the top and bottom of the curtain. If you want more privacy and a more modern, streamlined look.

Closet Door to Curtain Transformation

Following items you need on hand for closet door to closet curtains transformation: Closet door to curtains transformation
  1. Curtains
  2. Tension curtain rod
  3. Screw driver
  4. Tape measure


Start by measuring the length and height of the closet. Measurement is necessary in order to know that what length of the curtain you need and how long curtain rod is require.  Then make a quick trip to the store to purchase a tension rod and closet curtains.

 You can sew curtains at home from your own sheets, table cloths or fabric. There are many reasons that one might want to remove closet doors in a bedroom or an office. Some of those reasons might be because the frame is not truly square. The right closet side door doesn’t touch the framed out portion of the closet towards the bottom. Another reason could be unsightly tracks or guides in the carpet or in this case the lack of a guide to keep the doors from swinging forward and backwards. This can be dangerous because pushing the door out from the inside of the closet can cause it to jump off the track at the top where it is hung.

Evaluate Door Movement

Next you want to evaluate how your doors will remove. Start with the door on the front track so you can easily move them out of the way. Pull the door out and up to lift it off the track. If they are hollow-core doors then they will be light enough that you can remove them yourself. Clean and Organize Once the doors have been removed take a few moments and clean the shelves and vacuum the floor that has been hidden. Remove unwanted clothes and organize the remaining clothes by season, color, or even size to give it an organized and clean look.

Install Curtain Rod

Extend the curtain rod to the desired length to fit between the frames. Remember to make it slightly longer than you need. So there is tension to support the rod and keep it from falling out. Run tension rod through the drapery panels, being careful to hang them right side up and both facing forward. Nothing is more frustrating than having to do this step twice. Once the curtains are on the tension rod, place the rod into place behind or in front of the track.  This one is actually between the white trim board and the track. Curtains Options Let the curtains fall naturally to the floor to hide what is behind or you may want to choose to frame out your handy work. Another fun thing that could be added is a set of decorative drapery hooks or pulls to keep the curtains opened while searching for your favorite pair of brown leather jacket. Closet Curtain Amazon Closet curtainsCloset curtains can be the perfect finishing touch to a newly decorated room, or can be the starting point and inspiration for the rest of your decor. Or if you haven’t got time for painting, scraping and rearranging, a new set of curtains can give an instant update to your home. Behind every great curtain solution is a great way to hang it up. Amazon is providing a wide range of curtains and all the accessories required to install. Browse the huge selection of curtains, rods, etc. at and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.    
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